The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is back

It’s a crucial time for marketing. Firms around the globe are in “restart mode”. What better time for marketers to lead the way?

In reality, the last months have taken a toll on marketers’ morale. Home office can be nice—but lonely too. Preserving cash can be key—but doesn’t build crucial new skills. This next phase could be marketing’s moment. Let’s help more marketers step up, take charge, and be brave.

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is back. For the first time, we’ll put on a second annual class, starting Sep 15, 2021. Until July 15, we’ll give fast movers an early bird rate (€ 200 off).

Join a network of peers. Within just three months, learn together the art and science of marketing leadership. This isn’t a marketing class. We’ll teach how to mobilize senior stakeholders, colleagues, clients, teams—to make change happen. On our unique discussion platform, network with peers, watch bitesized lectures, solve real problems. You cannot fall behind. Take the Marketing Leadership Masterclass at your own pace, in your own time.

Here’s what our Spring 21 participants are debating just now: “Remote onboarding and influencing new stakeholders“, “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome!”, “How to get your voice heard in a noisy room”, “How do you keep the team motivated during difficult projects?” Which issue do you need to tackle?

There’s no exam. But you’ll receive a proper Certificate of Growth, including the course grade.

Don’t hear it from us. Watch the Marketing Leadership Masterclass success stories of participants from Adobe, Amcor, BirdsEye, Emirates, Google, Salesforce, and many more.

Syl and I hope you can join us—or help spread the word.


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