How to get promoted

Making it to the next level can be exciting. More responsibility, more options, more pay.

But how to get promoted? Perhaps your firm has a fixed promotion schedule, and it’s either “up” or “out.” Perhaps your boss likes you and pushes you up the ladder. Or perhaps someone needs to fill a gap at the top.

Here’s the truth about promotions: luck aside, people promote you when doing so helps the firm. Watch this video to see how marketing titan Syl Saller made it to the top. It wasn’t just luck. It wasn’t all favors. Syl succeeded by helping her firm do what matters most: grow.

Try this >> Don’t just ask for a promotion. Instead, find a real problem you can solve. Like finding new customers or making your offer more appealing for people. Then, make the case. Ask if you can lead the charge. If success requires promoting you, make that case too.


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