Forbes CMO Leadership Talk: Lizzy Johnson, Quintessential Brands

Lizzy Johnson
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: June 30, 2017

In this interview with Lizzy Johnson, Global Brands and Marketing Director of Quintessential Brands, we delved into the key elements of successful CMO leadership:

  • The Joys of Marketing Leadership: Lizzy Johnson finds immense fulfillment in building remarkable brands and positively impacting people’s lives through her work. Collaborating with passionate marketers, business leaders, and agency partners is a source of enjoyment and inspiration for her.
  • Defining Leadership Experience: Johnson highlighted her involvement in the global launch of Tiger Beer for Heineken as a defining leadership experience. This complex project required cross-functional teamwork and clear goal communication, contributing significantly to Tiger Beer’s growth and expanded global footprint.
  • Effective Execution: Johnson emphasized the importance of working with speed and focusing on priorities to achieve success. Maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit and keeping momentum are key aspects of her leadership approach.
  • Future Leadership Challenges: Johnson pointed out that the challenge for marketing leaders is ensuring that marketing teams are viewed as growth drivers and are capable of speaking the language of the boardroom, demonstrating the revenue-driving potential of marketing initiatives.
  • Role of CMOs in Driving Growth: While CMOs should naturally serve as growth officers, Johnson stressed the need for clear recognition of their role in driving revenue and growing brands within organizations.
  • Balancing Customer Experience and Business Performance: Johnson highlighted the importance of aligning customer needs with business objectives, emphasizing the role of clear plans and KPIs to guide marketing activities.
  • Evolution of Leadership: Johnson’s leadership has evolved through international experiences and diverse team collaborations. Effective communication, clear vision, and team empowerment have become central to her leadership style.
  • Leading High-Performing Teams: Johnson emphasized the importance of accountability and ownership within teams. Leaders should inspire individuals and provide support while allowing team members to find solutions by asking the right questions.
  • Confidence in Leadership: Past achievements and the guidance of mentors have instilled confidence in Johnson. She stressed the significance of trusting one’s instincts, seeking advice, and believing in oneself, even during moments of self-doubt.

Lizzy Johnson’s leadership philosophy centers on teamwork, clear communication, accountability, and personal belief, all of which contribute to her success as a marketing leader.