Forbes CMO Leadership Talk: Dan Ramsay, BT

By Thomas Barta
Last updated: April 24, 2017

In this Forbes interview, Dan Ramsey, Consumer Marketing Director of BT, shares insights on successful CMO leadership:

  • Being at the Heart of the Business: Ramsey emphasizes the opportunity for marketing leaders to make a significant impact and contribution to the business. Being in the “engine room” of the company allows for driving business performance.
  • Balancing Customer-Centricity and Business Goals: Ramsey highlights the importance of prioritizing customer satisfaction even when it conflicts with other business objectives. He advocates creating a culture that prioritizes the customer experience and emphasizes the measurability of customer satisfaction.
  • Defining Leadership Experience: Ramsey recounts a defining moment when he successfully tackled a high-profile, time-sensitive business challenge. He learned not to underestimate himself and to have faith in his capabilities when facing significant challenges.
  • Getting Things Done: Building personal connections and trust are essential for achieving results within the organization. Ramsey mentions the importance of creating a culture of clear outcomes and accountability, giving team members the autonomy to deliver results.
  • Balancing Challenge and Support: Ramsey discusses the “challenge” and “support” approach at BT, where high challenges are set, and individuals are supported in achieving them. Balancing the right level of challenge and support is a crucial leadership skill.
  • Learning People Judgment: Ramsey suggests that learning to judge people’s emotions and adapt leadership styles is best achieved through role models and leaders with strong people skills.
  • Changing Leadership Landscape: Leadership has evolved due to shifting expectations of younger generations in the workforce and the increased volatility in the business world. Leaders must adapt to the changing environment and maintain awareness of future trends.
  • Future Leadership Challenge: Ramsey’s primary challenge in leading a larger team is establishing a culture that inspires everyone to align with the organization’s values and goals. Ensuring that a larger team moves cohesively in the same direction is a significant challenge.
  • Inspiring Leadership Style: Colleagues perceive Ramsey as approachable, straightforward, and human in his leadership style. He values open communication, encourages personal connections, and demonstrates a genuine interest in team members’ lives outside of work.
  • Leadership Advice: Ramsey’s key advice for leaders is to focus on hiring talented individuals and allowing them the autonomy to excel in their roles. Trusting and supporting the team’s capabilities are fundamental to effective leadership.

Dan Ramsey’s leadership philosophy centers on empowering his team, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and fostering a collaborative and supportive work culture.