The Marketing Leadership Masterclass: Sep 12, 2023

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass Fall 2023
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: August 16, 2023

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is back! Starting September 2023, the next global group of marketing leaders will get together to learn the secrets of Marketing Leadership. Will you or members of your team be joining us?

On a personal note, this is now our 9th Marketing Leadership Masterclass. We came a long way from the beginnings in 2019. I’ve just written a post about our journey. If you have joined us in the past, thank you for being part of our journey. We hope the class has helped you excel. If you have plans to join us, please do! Here’s the pitch:

In the 12 week sprint, learn marketing leadership!
Just 12 bitesize modules, over 12-weeks. Learn how to lead upwards, sideways, teams, and yourself. Taught by: Thomas Barta and former Diageo CMO, Syl Saller.

 Join a real discussion with a global group of peers.
Come together 24/7 – solve problems – help others – debate with peers from every continent.

Take the class “your way”.
This is a class designed for busy people. You can’t fall behind. All lectures are bitesize, on demand. Learn at your own pace.

Get recognition
Complete the challenges and you’ll receive a Certificate in Marketing Leadership (but there’s no exam!)

Thank you for spreading the word.

Thomas & Syl