1 Minute Marketing Leader: #2 Bridge the trust gap

#2 Bridge the trust Gap
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: March 15, 2021

As a marketer, can you be trusted?

Welcome to my series of practical 1-minute leadership tips for marketers—from the world’s largest studies on marketers’ success.

Trusting you isn’t easy. How much of the work you did last week was about the future? Future revenue? Future customers? Future profit? 60% 70%. For many it’s easily 80 or 90% Innovation, technology, marketing, are often about the future.

What do people think when someone says’ “I’ll tell you the future?” They don’t trust that person. Why should they? When you talk future, next to an accountant, who has last week’s numbers, everything you will say will sound a little less reliable. Because it is.

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When your job the about the future, accept you will always face a trust gap. Don’t be angry. Instead, bring people along. Help them understand why your ideas matter. And always remember: The trust gap is normal—bridging it is your job.

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