1 Minute Marketing Leader: #1 Win as a marketer

1 Minute Marketing Leader #1 Win as a marketer
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: March 13, 2021

As a marketer, how do you win? In collaboration with The Marketing Society I have produced this new series: The 1 Minute Marketing Leader. I hope you’ll like this.

#1 Win as marketer

What’s more important for marketers’ business impact? Technical skills? Or leadership skills? The latter. Great marketing leaders are great change leaders.

In marketing, what drives your business success? We researched over 1,200 people from over 80 countries. We crunched over 68,000 assessments to find out why marketers win. Gender? No! Under 1% – Failing in marketing? Total equality! Personality? No! Under 5%. Sorry, can’t blame your parents. Technical marketing skills? Yes, but not so much. About 10%. Your company—yes, 25% Finally someone to blame! But far and away the biggest power behind marketers’ success are their change leadership skills. 55%. The best marketers know marketing. But they also know how to make ideas happen.

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Look at where you spend most of your training time. Technical marketing skills? Or leadership sills? Then: Think again!

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