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Thomas Barta & Syl Saller
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: September 04, 2023

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is the complete toolkit to help marketers build their influence and boost their career. From the world’s largest-ever studies on marketers’ success.

We believe that if more marketers and agency leaders cut through, firms and customers will benefit. Unfortunately, doing marketing isn’t the same as leading marketing. In the world’s largest-ever study on marketers’ success, we have proven that the most successful customer leaders master the art (and science) of marketing leadership. To pass on the insights for success as a marketer, I have created the Marketing Leadership Masterclass. The latest version with my friend and colleague Syl Saller (Diageo’s former global CMO) is now the global #1 Marketing Leadership Masterclass. In a 12-week sprint, marketers lead upwards, help their bosses make better decisions, and accelerate their career. Here’s more:

Learn to lead upwards!

Participants master what other classes won’t teach. In just 12 bite-sized modules, our participants learn how to win over stakeholders, mobilize colleagues & clients, and lead empowered teams. It’s the complete marketing leadership class by world-leading experts Thomas Barta & Syl Saller.

Study with peers

Participants come together 24/7 with fellow students from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific. On our unique discussion platform, people solve challenges and help others. Everybody is part of a real-time peer group. In this class, nobody is ever alone!

10 minutes daily, 12 weeks

We’ve built this 12-week sprint from the ground up for busy people. All lectures are short and on demand. People go at their own pace. In this class, nobody will fall behind. Upon completion, we’ll issue a Certificate in Marketing Leadership!

A week on the Marketing Leadership Masterclass. What’s it going to be like?

  • When you first log on, you’ll immediately meet your peers from around the globe, client-side, agency-side—from a large variety of industries. Start to network and make friends.
  • Every week, we’ll message you with new bite-sized lectures during our fun, 12-week sprint. Each lecture includes videos and readings. As everything is online 24/7, you can take the class at your own pace!
  • For each lecture, we’ll provide you questions for your workbook so you can apply the learnings right away.
  • Once you have watched a lecture, join the discussion with your peers, ask questions, and solve problems together!
  • Almost every week, we’ll run a live session with Thomas, Syl, or top-ranking guest mentors. Join live or watch the recordings.
  • Facing difficult business issues? Need help with the class? Turn to one of our Mentors or join their weekly Coaching Circles to get real, personal support.
  • Throughout the Marketing Leadership Masterclass, we’ll give you 4 optional Challenges, asking you to apply what you have learned.
  • Once you have completed the class, you’ll receive your Certificate in Marketing Leadership. Go for merit or even distinction!
  • In just 12 weeks, become the influential marketer you always wanted to be!

In just 12 weeks, become the influential marketer you always wanted to be!

Learning as a debate

We’ve designed one of the world’s most interactive learning platforms to help participants learn from peers.

  • Step 1: watch. We’ll release fresh lectures every couple of days, with short videos and readings.
  • Step 2: discuss. For each lecture, we have formulated a set of powerful questions—centered around your work. People join the community debate, share ideas, ask questions, support each other—24/7.
  • Step 3: apply. With the help of questions and participants, build their workbook, build their plan. Make change happen—right the next day.

Participants learn a lot from the videos. But the real magic happens when people team up and solve problems together with peers.

What participants say about the Marketing Leadership Masterclass

Marketing Leadership Masterclass results
Marketing Leadership Masterclass results

Taking the next steps

We currently run the Marketing Leadership Masterclass twice a year. Besides individual seats, we offer team packages for leaders who want to up-skill their team, including dedicated mentors and group sessions. Book your seat here or message us if you consider up-skilling your team.