1 Minute Marketing Leader: #05 Ditch your job description

#5 Ditch your job description
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: April 08, 2021

Is your job description right? I bet it’s not.

Welcome to my series of practical 1-minute leadership tips for marketers—from the world’s largest studies on marketers’ success.

#5 Ditch your job description

When Morris Viteles invented the job description in 1920, firms could finally hire, train, and pay people in exactly the same way, time and time again.

But too often, the job description stands in the way. P&G recently millions of ineffective social media dollars, their marketing team would have spent, because their job description told them. I once promoted my paper towel brand, instead of advising my company to get out of this hopeless market. Because my job description said “do marketing”.

Your job description works, under one condition: What customers want doesn’t change. That’s a phantasy.

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Ask yourself: What’s my real job? The answer to this question may not in your job description. It’s in your mind, it’s in your heart (or in some boring reports that hold the truth). And once you find it, ditch your job description, and do what’s right.

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