1 Minute Marketing Leader: #03 Bridge the Power Gap

As a manager, as a consultant, as an expert, how much power do you really have?

Welcome to my series of practical 1-minute leadership tips for marketers—from the world’s largest studies on marketers’ success.

#3 Bridge the power Gap

Just imagine, your company, or your clients company had the world’s best customer experience. Everybody loves the firm. 5 Stars! How many people in this company must be involved to make this great experience happen? Many. Perhaps almost everybody. And how many of these people do you control? Does your boss control? Does your client control? Very few.

And all these people may have different agenda, different dreams, different goals. If they want, the can simply ignore you.

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No matter how high you rise, you will always be facing a power gap. Don’t fight it. Set a new goal: Learn to mobilize all the people who can say “no”

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