Do your numbers

Thomas Barta TryThisBlog
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: August 02, 2019

When the numbers don’t add up, business dreams evaporate, change movements stall, projects die.

Perhaps people love your idea. Perhaps no one asks if the numbers work out. But sooner or later, someone will. Ideally, that someone is you. 

Too many leaders can’t quantify their work’s impact. That’s a big lever missed. As my friend Prof. Paddy Barwise explains here, when it comes to ROI, simply being able to spell it isn’t good enough.

Try This >> As a leader of change, know your numbers—revenue, profit, social impact: whatever your currency is. Learn the basics of finance (as Paddy says, it’s not difficult). When you tell your story, try to hit the heart. But don’t forget, there are plenty of rational people around. With your numbers, hit the head too.