1 Minute Marketing Leader: #10 Beware of the buzzwords

#10 beware of the buzz(words)
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: May 06, 2021

“Attribution”, “transformation”, “brand relevance.” Buzzwords like these could kill you career in no time.

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#10 beware of the buzz(words)

Marketers love jargon. Not a single day seems to pass without new buzzwords: “advertainment”, “clickbait”, “content is king”, “#growthhacking”, “millennials”. Add 10 more.

Would you ever say these words to a customer? No. Why, then, use them with clients or inside your firm? When talking to marketers, many colleagues feel lost in a maze of jargon. Marketing jargon creates two big issues.

First, jargon clouds your reason to exist. Marketers helps the firm find profitable customers. Already too many other departments see this. Using jargon makes it even harder for others to figure out how you help the company.

Second, using jargon makes you and outsider. “She’s different. He’s special. She’s not one of us.”


Buzz can be good. Buzzwords rarely are. Picture your target group. What’s the language the top management or clients are using? PS: if in doubt, try “customers”, “revenue”, “profit”

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