1 Minute Marketing Leader: #04 Bridge the skills gap

Do you have all the skills you want?

Welcome to my series of practical 1-minute leadership tips for marketers—from the world’s largest studies on marketers’ success.

#4 Bridge the skills Gap

The answer is probably no. And that’s ok.

This world is full of innovation. Marketing, medicine, law, not a single day goes by without a new tool, a new technique.

But here’s the flip side: can’t know it all. I’ve seen people come back from conferences look into the mirror, and pull a face like this: shocked! “I don’t know it all anymore” And loose confidence.

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Break the cycle. Don’t try and keep up with everything. Keep up with what matters. Ask yourself: How does my company, how does my client really create value? How could I help create more value? Then, find the best tools. And too often, the answer isn’t: virtual reality, AI, or the latest app. Don’t waste your time building skills that look good. Pick the few skills that matter.

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