1 Minute Marketing Leader #20: Unfollow the Bin-Fluencers

By Thomas Barta
Last updated: September 23, 2021

In Marketing there’s a lot of “fake news”. Find your own truths. Unfollow the “Bin-Fluencers.”

The internet is great. If you want to write a blog that 100,000 people read, you can. But the internet is also great for people who share half-truths—with a really good camera. I call them “Bin-Fluencers.” Because most of these posts should go straight into a bin.

Here’s the “Bin-Fluencer”-dilemma: they have to post a lot, so you see them. They need a flashy headline, so you click. They must stand out, so you follow.


If you pass on the chatter someone produces in the back of a New York cab, you’ll become a chat bot. Chat bots are easy to replace the day a better version comes out.

Find your own truths. Then, spread the word.

Here comes #20 of the 1 Minute Marketing Leader. A series I produced together with The Marketing Society

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