1 Minute Marketing Leader: #09 Tackle big issues

#9 tackle big issues
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: April 29, 2021

Do your ideas get attention? Do you get the budget? If not, watch this.

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#9 tackle big issues

When people cut your budgets, when people don’t put you on that meeting agenda, the reason is often simple. They don’t believe your work is tackling a big issue. In most firms, the big issue is profitable growth.

How does your work help? In sales if sell 100 cars, the effect is clear. In Marketing, in HR, in IT, showing the effect is harder. That marketing campaign, that new software, that new HR strategy—how will this help profitable growth? In these roles, make no illusion, it’s your job, to make the case for impact.

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Confirm the big issues. Explain to people how your work helps. Make a model, show data, propose assumptions. Depending on where you work, the right answer may differ. Maybe this takes time. Maybe you’ll have set backs. But even by having the Big Issue-discussion, you’ll already start to matter more.

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