Smart Strategies for Handling ‘Get Me One Of Those’ (G.M.O.O.T.)

Thomas Barta TryThisBlog
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: November 11, 2017

When it comes to marketing, everyone from the junior IT recruit to the chairman’s spouse seems eager to pitch their take. So, what’s the playbook when you’re on the receiving end of these ideas?

Picture this: The CEO drops a classic G.M.O.O.T. – ‘Get Me One of Those.’ They stride in, armed with suggestions from their inner circle. ‘Company X sponsors a soccer team. My husband thinks we should too.’ Or, ‘Brand X boasts 100,000 Facebook followers. My wife’s convinced we need to level up,’ and the ever-popular, ‘Let’s splash more animals in our ads.’

Here’s the deal: navigating the G.M.O.O.T maze is part art, part science.

Rule number one: patience is your new best friend. Treat these opinions like hidden treasures, not annoying flies. They show people care, even if they sometimes miss the mark.

As a steward of customer interests, wear your detective hat. Ask for evidence. No evidence? You may be able to put the G.M.O.O.T to bed quickly.

Now, if a G.M.O.O.T poses a serious risk to your effectiveness, stand your ground. Say no and explain your stance. Your role isn’t to please everyone, but to lead them to success.

And here’s a little secret: G.M.O.O.Ts never really go away. They’re like pop-up ads in your browser of leadership. Annoying? Maybe. Part of the game? Absolutely.

Get used to it. The next G.M.O.O.T is probably right around the corner.