Complete this sentence about the future

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By Thomas Barta
Last updated: March 13, 2020

Could this be your moment?

It all started in 2020. The world was just beginning to grapple with a pandemic. Shops and schools had to close. Events were cancelled. Firms asked people to work from home. Global travel ground to a halt. People had to completely change the way they worked, interacted, and connected.

This was the advent of …

, a completely new way of …

, by …

Even as things gradually went back to normal, the innovation was there to stay.

Innovation happens through creative accumulation. That’s continuous improvement based on research and experience. Or it happens through creative destruction, in response to uncertainty or crisis.

Creative accumulation leads to better things. Creative destruction leads to new things. One isn’t better than the other. Both innovations matter.

Is now the time for yours?