Keynote: When is Your Moment … to be Brave?

When is your moment?
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: August 29, 2023

The keynote for change leaders

AI, the digital revolution, sustainability—the rules of business keep turning upside down. To lead for growth, business leaders must become braver. Hear the surprising insights from the world’s largest ever study on brave customer leadership. Find out how everybody can find their moment to be brave!

Microsoft has (almost) missed the cloud. Toyota has (probably) missed the e-car. Nokia has (definitely) missed the iPhone. Why do firms struggle to stay relevant? Too many executives feel tied to their job descriptions. The silos win. Here’s the brutal truth: no matter what the website says, firms don’t reward people for being brave. Firms reward people for being successful. Your boss may not have the answer.

Time to fight back. “What’s your real job?” How could you help leverage technology, help win new markets, help people live better lives? 

But watch out: leading change is risky. Change leaders have to be brave. Here’s the good news: you can!

Experience the surprising insights from Thomas’s world’s largest ever study on brave customer leadership*. Learn why, to drive change, leaders don’t have to be brave all the time. Bravery = Purpose – Fear. Learn how to pick the one change that really matters, the one project that can move the needle. Find your moment to be brave!

* Partnering with The Marketing Society and KANTAR TNS


Executives at all levels of an organization
B2B and B2C companies, consultancies, agencies. 
People who want to be a “little braver”


Onstage, online, 18-45 minutes. Mini-workshops and Q&A’s available.


This keynote is particularly powerful at the beginning of a day to set the tone: take initiative, find your moment to be brave!

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When is your moment?