Keynote: Customer Freak

Customer Freak
By Thomas Barta
Last updated: January 20, 2023

Stop managing—start inspiring growth

How can CEOs build organizations that enable growth in times of rapid change and disruption? Thomas Barta provides a radical perspective from the world’s largest ever study on customer leadership: hire more customer freaks!

You know this: the “Silo Inc.” has stopped working. In the age of 24/7 customer interaction, customers are too impatient, too well informed, too powerful. To make sustainable growth happen, firms need brave customer leaders.

Based on the world’s largest ever study on customer leadership, Thomas proves why leading for customers is hard—even for the CEO. Hear how one CEO speech can kill growth for years, and why great technical experts may simply be the wrong people you need to grow. When it comes to business impact, leadership trumps technical skills.

For growth, firms need leaders who spark passion, who inspire big dreams, who break down silos, who dare to ditch their job description. People with fire in their eyes. No firm can manage its way to growth. What we need now are brave leaders who dare to ignite innovation and inspire change in the people around them. 

Hear the stories of today’s most successful change-makers. Learn what it takes to be a customer leader. Be the spark that lights the fire.

(This keynote can be tailored to your specific conference agenda and theme)

Customer Freak: Stop managing—start inspiring growth


CEOs, general managers, senior- and middle management executives

B2B and B2C companies, consultancies, agencies. 


Onstage, online, 18-45 minutes. Mini-workshops and Q&A’s available.


This keynote is particularly powerful at the beginning of a day to set the tone: relentless customer focus.

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