CMO Leadership Coaching

Occasionally I help C-suite leaders step up, break the silos, and make customer focus happen

Here are issues I’ve helped CMOs and other customer leaders tackle:

Becoming a CMO: Building a rapid understanding of key customer and marketing concepts. Help you master the steep learning curve of a new profession—CMO coaching for senior non-marketing leaders who are who are looking to transition into a CMO (or similar) role.

Becoming a more effective CMO: CMO coaching to help you raise your game inside the organization, lead difficult transformations, and become a more effective senior customer leader.

Becoming a CEO/GM: Help you leverage the highly successful concepts from the CMO Fellowship Program (the McKinsey and Marketing Academy program that prepares CMOs for the CEO role).

Onboarding into a new C-suite role: Help you get the first 100 days right—with maximum impact.

Significantly improving team performance: Implementing the Market Impact Review, my alignment and performance management process, developed with several leading CMOs—using the power of collaboration to rapidly improve performance.

If you are interested in any of these, please contact me directly.

(Due to capacity constrains, I can’t currently accept new mentorships in Q1/2019)


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