The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is back

On September 17 we’ll kick off the next Marketing Leadership Masterclass in association with Marketing Week. The current class is now graduating and the impact on people’s careers is already exceeding expectations. This is your chance to join at the special reader discount (you’ll save GBP 250/ ~US$ 210/ ~EUR 280).

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass isn’t about marketing. It’s about becoming a leader who inspires change, builds influence inside the firm, mobilizes colleagues, and leads teams.

Words from participants:
“This has been an eye opener”
“A great self-investment to remind, refresh & recalibrate myself”
“A hugely insightful few weeks”

Choose your own pace in this 12-week, 100-percent online class. Build your personal leadership plan with a workbook, readings, reflection papers, live Q&A sessions, and a signed 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader book. UK participants can earn 33 CPD credits.

We’ll kick off on September 17. You can access all modules until end of December 2019. That’s over 100 days of learning, readings and live discussions for less than the cost of an ordinary marketing conference.

As a TryThis.Blog reader, you’ll even get a special discounted rate: 
GBP 1,000 /~ USD 1,250 /~ EUR 1,120 (GBP 250 off the full price).

Click here to book now. Use discount code “bartablog” (please keep it to yourself).

I hope you can join me.


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