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Hear from our alumni how the Marketing Leadership Masterclass has helped them make a difference

The ripple effect of the course is fabulous.

Rachel Farley
, Oracle

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

Loving this program, content and format are fantastic!

Carl Reed, Google

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is an excellent online training program, divided into bite-size lectures I could take at my own pace during my demanding schedule. Through the program’s instrumental insights, I discovered new ways to build more influence and inspire others. I’m now better prepared to effectively lead change in order to achieve the greatest business impact and career success.

Steffan van der Meulen, Accenture Interactive

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

Thanks to Thomas Barta for creating and running the Marketing Leadership Masterclass – the program that helped me to become a better marketer and leader.

The program concept is quite unique with its motto “You can’t fall behind”. It’s simply because you can always choose your way and work at your own pace. There are plenty of live sessions, discussions, practice sharing and challenging tasks on the course menu. All of that is available in a unique on-line platform and safe peer-to-peer discussion environment. For me it was 4 months full of intensive work and learning new stuff. But most of all, it was a remarkable live period when I met a lot of inspiring marketing professionals and senior business leaders.

I recommend the Marketing Leadership Masterclass to every leader with ambition to grow.

Tomas Prada, AV Media

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

As a busy executive, and family man juggling many priorities the format of the content as short, digestible leadership lessons paired with the community of like-minded individuals was extremely effective. The course was also paced well, which allowed for a deeper understanding of each topic, and meaningful engagement with the community. Overall the Marketing Leadership Masterclass has been an insightful, innovative and thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would recommend to even the most seasoned marketer leader.

Leandro Perez, Salesforce

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass gave me opportunities to learn from top marketing leaders and peers. Now much better equipped, I can take on the challenges and opportunities thrown my way, and inspire greater change in my organisation.

Meera Venu, Google

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

I highly recommend the Marketing Leadership Masterclass to anyone looking to better inspire and influence change. The video lessons are “bite-sized”, thoughtful, and impactful.

Shannon Winter, Atlassian

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is extremely unique, and contained many practical lessons shared by Thomas Barta and Syl Saller CBE. I’ve developed new leadership skills, enabling me to sell my activities and become a more visible partner in my organisation.

David Hula

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

This class is not a Marketing course but a Marketing Leadership course, which is what makes it great. The format is very good with short lectures with concrete examples, practical tips and some well-thought exercises of self-reflection. I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues in marketing, with many learnings applicable to leaders in other functions.

Philippe Bertreau, Amcor

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

Over the past 5 months, I have been on a journey learning invaluable lessons on how to manage: upwards, sideways, teams, and most importantly myself. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to become a stronger Change Leader.

Lori Moggy

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The layout of modules and lectures is clear and focussed and I found that not only were you learning the tools of leadership it enabled you to learn about yourself and how to adapt your ways of working to become more effective.  Coupled with this was the interaction with peers which I found very beneficial as experiences and best practices could be (and were) shared

Sharon Whelan, Birds Eye (Nomad Foods)

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

One of my big learnings was working in the value creation zone, by simultaneously focusing on customer and company needs, one can increase business impact significantly. It sounds simple but we are too often myopic.

Jehan Shah, Google

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

I really enjoyed the Marketing Leadership Masterclass and would thoroughly recommend it. The content from Thomas and Syl had a great balance between theory and practical. The pace of learning was good and I was able to engage and collaborate with fellow participants. The best praise I can give is there are a number of things that I am now doing differently as a result of the course to help me lead more effectively!

Bart Quinton Smith, TUI UK & Ireland

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

An eye-opening experience. Very important and insightful lessons!

Beverly Travasso, Emirates

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

I completed the course a year ago, and had some real “aha” moments, which helped me identify the most value I could add in my role as well as falling back in love with my industry!

This year I was privileged to mentor the last course – I learned all over again from the amazing input from participants and sharing their learnings. The unique learning platform & style has facilitated quality discussion, shared learnings and the creation of a global support network.

Eleanor Bridgman, Vitacress

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

This is the “no BS”, no fluff experience that I was looking for to fuel my career and help me in my path to becoming an effective, empathetic leader. Aside from the learning modules, this course has given me access to an incredible marketing leader network. Being able to share ideas with them and learn from each other has added tremendous value to this course. This course has given me the complete toolbox to help me manage my stakeholders at all levels and most importantly manage myself. Thomas and Syl have gone above and beyond what the course promised. They have openly shared their experiences and learnings. It almost felt like 1:1 coaching at times. Thank you!

Veronica Dumitrescu, Adobe

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

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