Dealing smart with “Get Me On Of Those” (GMOOT)

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By Thomas Barta
Last updated: November 11, 2017

Everyone, from the junior IT recruit to the chairman’s spouse, seems to have a view on how customer innovation and marketing should be done. How to respond?

It’s a classic: a very senior leader tells their team: “Company X sponsors a soccer team. My husband said we should do that, too.” Or “Brand X has 100.000 Facebook followers. My wife believes we need to match that.” Or some other version of “Get Me One of Those” (GMOOT).

Every customer leader will – sooner or later – encounter the GMOOT-problem.

How to deal with a GMOOT?

Rule number one: be patient and polite. Try to take the opinions you hear as helpful suggestions. At least they show engagement—and some may even be genuinely useful!

As a steward of the customer’s interests, ask for evidence of the likely impact. If such evidence doesn’t exist, you may be able to put the GMOOT to bed quickly.

When a GMOOT would potentially put your effectiveness with customers at risk, stand firm, say no, and explain why you’re staying with your decision.

Most important: get used to it. The next GMOOT is probably right around the corner.

Source: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader, Barta/Barwise