April 7: Marketing Leadership Masterclass

Do you have a demanding year ahead? Are you planning your next career move? The powerful peer network of the Marketing Leadership Masterclass may just be perfect for you. (Between jobs? We have a special.)

On April 7, we’ll be back with the Marketing Leadership Masterclass. It’s year four and it’s going to be our best class ever—this time with The Marketing Society. Syl Saller and I have build this class full of powerful, practical tips to help you make a real difference. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how you lead bosses, clients, and colleagues—the people who can say “no”. Lectures are crisp and on demand. You can easily do this with the most demanding job. You’ll even get your Certificate of Growth (yet, there’s no exam). The below video has more.

Here’s what really sets the class apart: you’ll join a realtime network of peers. Share challenges, discuss ideas, help others. For 100+ days, you’ll be with a group of friends who can help you tackle the real issues.

As a reader of my TryThis.Blog, you’ll save 110€ /~120 US$ when you join (985€ instead of 1,095€). That’s 100+ days of real learning for less than the cost of a conference ticket. Please book via this link (please keep if for yourself).

Between jobs? Furloughed? We’ll get 50 people in “at cost” in return for some quick rounds of feedback during the class. Message us and we’ll immediately send you all details. Trust us: this is very affordable. But it’s “first come, first served”.

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass

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